Carissa’s Bridal Blog: Location, Location, Location

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By  ⋅ August 5, 2013 ⋅


There’s this period of time between getting engaged and actual
wedding planning that is the only stress-free time you’ll have until
after your wedding day. During this time, when people ask about your
wedding you can calmly respond “we’re still thinking about it” and “we
haven’t set a date yet.”


Ashley and I only got away with that for so long. Soon people started
demanding to know when and where because they “have to make plans.” 
Ha! If anyone has to make plans, it’s us!

Since neither Ashley nor I live in the state we’re getting married in
and we live in two different states ourselves, finding a location was
interesting. I made a list of possible venues based on the style we were
looking for and our estimated guest list. Ashley added a few venue
ideas he had and just like that, the search began.

Saturday for a month we spent the entire day traveling the Delaware
area visiting venues. Hotels, country clubs and restaurants, oh my! It
was fun, informative, but most of all exhausting! I must say that I am
totally appreciative of Ashley wanting to be part of the search and
playing such a large role. If he had not been as involved, that month
could have been terrible, but with him being invested in our decision,
it actually made for some great times.

Even with all the interesting times we were having, we also took the
search very seriously. Complete with an Excel file outlining our
thoughts, a price comparison charts and many many negotiation
conversations. We knew we wanted to have a great and fun wedding, but we
also knew our limits. We constantly remind each other that yes, we want
a great wedding, but our wedding will not determine the success of our

In the end, we realized White Clay Creek Country Club in Wilmington, DE was the perfect place for us to have that

great wedding that will start our great marriage! It gave us the outside
ceremony space we were looking for, the spaciousness we needed for the
reception and it didn’t hurt that the onsite coordinator totally lived
up to the reviews in our first meeting. Overall, it was the best space
for us and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

On this step of the journey, Ashley and I learned a few things:

1. Two eyes are better than one. You will never see
everything by yourself. Having your fiancé there to see what you don’t
will help you make the best decision for your wedding. And don’t
hesitate to bring up everything when you discuss the venues, what you
saw could be more important than you know.

2. Personality and presentation are important. The
way the sales managers and coordinators treat you from the moment you
call to set up an appointment is key. If they treat you great now,
chances are when you call with another “bridezilla” moment, they’ll
still treat you great.

3. Follow your gut and your mind. There were several
places we walked into and within moments we knew, no way Jose! If it
just doesn’t feel right on your first visit, it won’t feel any better on
your wedding day.



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