The Importance of a Great Wedding Emcee – Guest Blogger


I cannot even begin to express the importance of a great wedding Emcee (aka “MC”)!  99% of the time your Emcee will also be your DJ.  When hiring a DJ for your wedding, hiring someone that speaks eloquently and hosts a great party is just as important as hiring someone that mixes great music and reads a crowd’s taste.  I have worked several weddings with “club” DJ’s, or DJ’s that are a friend of a friend, someone they found on Craigslist, etc. Once all of the formalities are out of the way, they do a fantastic job at mixing music, but it’s often one type of music…the type of music we hear out at the bars or at a club in Las Vegas.  This would be fine if a wedding was a crowd of 150 people between the ages of 18-25. But, a wedding is made up of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, small children, co-workers and many other types of people.  It is so imperative that your MC/DJ can speak in a way that appeals to all of these ages and personalities.  It is so easy for me to tell when a DJ has mastered his or her verbiage in a way that flows effortlessly and seamlessly with your wedding, rather than someone who is reading off a script in a monotone, robotic way in an effort to not mess up something they have done maybe once or twice.

Your MC/DJ is essentially your host for the evening and can really make guests feel excited and at ease, or awkwardly uncomfortable. Just think, he or she will be getting on the microphone to announce the following at the very minimum:

-Grand Entrance
-First Dance
-Introducing and welcoming people for toasts
-Inviting guests onto the dance floor
-Cake Cutting
-Bouquet Toss
-Garter Toss

And, it is so important that your MC/DJ works well with all the vendors on the day of your wedding.  As a wedding planner myself, I need to be able to coordinate with the DJ/MC and have them follow my lead on the timeline and any last minute changes.  I personally love the team at Elevated Pulse Productions because they are fun, outgoing, and confident, yet still so professional.  And, don’t even get me started how they can mix fun oldies with more current beats that appeal to every single person at the reception!

I hope this article helps put into perspective when you hire a DJ to ensure you are also hiring an even better MC for your reception!


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