Wedding Attire: How to Black Tie





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Figuring out proper wedding attire can often pose a challenge to many. And let’s not even talk about when the couple leaves off the requested dress code from the invitation altogether? But fear not. Wedding attire is easily deciphered if you look at the context clues provided on the invitation? Here, we offer a look of what to wear to the most formal of wedding events: a black tie affair.


When going black tie, think all out glamor. Find pictures of your favorite celebrities at red carpet events like the Golden Globes, the Emmys or the Academy Awards. With black tie dress codes, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous gown in a beautiful color, or a stunning black dress with lace or beaded embellishments. Add a heel to lengthen legs and top with a statement necklace and jeweled clutch bag. Instant wow-factor!


One word: Tuxedo. And don’t think you can’t add variety to a tuxedo look. For athletic builds, a slim-fitting jacket and pant will have you looking dapper and well proportioned. For larger frames, a classic one-button jacket will always do the trick. And for those seeking a bit more high-fashion flair, consider a velvet jacket with peak lapels or a formal black tux shirt sans tie.


Either way you slice it, remember, black tie is all about putting on the ritz when it comes to your attire selection. And for more on wedding attire, stay tuned to the wedding blog for our complete “What to Wear” series.


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