The Best Prom Theme Ideas! They’re sure to get everyone in party mode!

By Lauren, Prom Committee Party Pro


A casino theme is perfect for students who want an alternative to dancing the night away. Set up poker and different game tables, and cover the room in flashing lights, recreating Vegas’ signature glow. Casino was my prom’s theme last year, and it was a huge hit! Posh balcony seating gave the vibe of a fancy Vegas resort and a massive cake decorated to look like a slot machine completed the theme!

Yule Ball

Make the magic of Harry Potter come alive at your school! This theme is especially perfect if your school has a winter prom. Recreate the Yule Ball with ice sculptures, fake snow, and twinkling lights on the ceiling, creating a night sky effect just like in the Great Hall! Have plenty of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans on hand and have chaperons dress up in wizard robes! The most important decoration? Tons of Christmas trees! Cover them with twinkling lights and fake snow to resemble the forbidden forest.


Have a totally classy prom this year with a masquerade theme! Imagine a fancy ball, and channel 18th century France with castle decorations, chandeliers, and ornate masks. Host a contest to see who comes up with the best mask—and make sure there’s a great prize!

Mardi Gras

Give your venue a French Quarter feel with lots of Mardi Gras party supplies and decorations, which are surprisingly affordable and widely available. From balloons and confetti to magic and mystery, there will be a festive southern spirit at this jubilee. Set up a table of boas and masks as props to take pictures with, and purchase inexpensive beads to throw from the stage.


Candy, candy, and more candy is what you’ll need for this theme! Bright colored candy wrappers mean it will be majorly fun to settle on a color combos for your prom—the brighter the better! Consturct life-size candy out of paper and cardboard to set up around the room, and hand out giant lollipops as favors.


Think jungle with a twist! Instead of trying to channel the crazy atmosphere of a Rainforest Café, imagine the cool darkness of the jungle in Avatar. Bring it to life with fog machines that create an otherworldly mist, hang vines from the ceiling to create a jungle canopy, and have the chaperons dress up as Navis!

Alice In Wonderland

With its crazy setting and kooky characters, an Alice In Wonderland theme is sure to impress prom-goers. Recreate the Mad Hatter scene with twinkling lights, top hat centerpieces, and crazy signs all over the place. And set up a garden wall with fake flowers, ivy, and branches for people to take pics in front of!

The Year of the Snake

2013 is the year of the snake—a dramatic animal that perfectly lends itself to over the top decorations. Create the mood with lots of colored silk draped from the walls, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and snake motifs on everything from napkins to paintings!

Arabian Nights

If you’re looking for a sultry and exotic prom theme, this is it. Take your school to the Middle East with vibrant colored, silk-draped walls. Create a classic Arabian archway for pictures and have art students paint murals of colorful elephants on the walls. Set up a henna station for anyone taking a break from dancing, and use cushions instead of chairs at tables. If Aladdin and Jasmine went to prom together, this would totally be their theme!

Haunted House

My school’s homecoming dance this year had a haunted house for anyone who wanted a break from the dance floor—or an excuse to get closer to their date. Have underclassmen (who aren’t old enough to come to prom, but still want to be there) dress up in super scary costumes and set up a haunted house adjacent to the dance floor. Keep the scary vibe up throughout the entire space by incorporating fog machines, giant spider webs (using ropes), and a completely blacked out room to heighten the intensity. You’ll have a scary-good time!




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