Prom-Night Information

Prom is often one of the most memorable events of high school. For seniors, it is a chance to dance with their friends for the last time at a high-school event, and for others it may be a chance to take their relationship with someone to the next level. Even though all high-school proms are different from each other, there are still some characteristics that remain standard.
  1. Pre-Prom

    • On the evening of the prom, it is a tradition that the male prom date arrive at his date’s house and present her with a corsage that she will place on her wrist. The female date will then present her date with a boutonniere that she will pin on his jacket. The parents and family may then feel free to take pictures of the couple. After this, the couple has the option to go to the male date’s house, a friend’s house, or stay for a little longer at the female date’s house. This is a chance to take group pictures of your friends and family before going to the prom.

    Prom Entrance and Pictures

    • As the couple arrives at the main entrance of the prom, they have a chance to meet and talk with the rest of their friends in the waiting room. The couple then has the option to stay and talk or get their pictures taken by a photographer. This usually costs money, but it is a memory that lasts a lifetime so it is worthwhile. After the couple has had their pictures taken, they are then allowed to go back to the main entrance room and continue to chat with their friends until everyone is signaled to proceed into the dining room.


    • When the teenagers make their way into the dining room, they are then seated at tables that were predetermined before the prom. There should be names on the tables, so you will be able to find it with no problem. Depending on how the prom is set up, the dinner may be presented as a buffet style or served to the table by a waiter or waitress. The number of courses that are served is also a variable. When the last course is served, the prom guests have the option to stay in the dining room for a little while longer or make their way onto the dance floor.


    • The dancing portion of the prom is the one that is always the most memorable. This may be the first time you get to spend some one-on-one time with your date and possibly get a kiss at the end. Usually a prom will have a particular theme so you will notice decorations on the dance floor that will relate to this theme. This is also the longest portion of the prom, and everyone has the option to stay until the dance floor closes—or to leave early. There will usually be a live band or a DJ playing that mixes up fast music with chances to slow dance as well.


    • Because the high school wants to ensure a safe and fun prom that does not involve drinking or drugs, there may be a post-prom held after the prom in either the high school or at another location. This is usually free for all prom guests and is a chance to unwind from the night. Snacks and food may be available as well as games and prizes. You may also have the option to sleep overnight, although no one is obligated to do so. This is a completely optional event and guests may arrive and leave at anytime.


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