Outside the Box Wedding Entertainment Ideas


One of the biggest panics we all have when planning a wedding is “will everyone have a good time?” Although they are there to watch you declare your love and cement your relationship, let’s be fair, most guests want to be entertained as well. The other worry we all have when we start planning is “will my special day be memorable?” Many of us get married around the same time as our peers and if you’re getting married in the same year as one of your friends, it’s yet more stress ensuring your wedding stands out from the crowd.

Do something different


The best way to both entertain your guests and make it a memorable day is by going for something out of the box. There is now such a large selection of unusual, kooky and downright crazy wedding entertainment options to choose from, it’s easy to find something that works for your guests. Maybe you just want something a little different or perhaps something that wows your guests. Maybe you want to show them the best night of their lives. Whichever it is, there are lots of fantastic ideas.


Keep it classy


First of all, doing something different doesn’t mean your wedding can’t still be elegant and classy. One idea for those who are having their wedding day as a child free zone, is hiring some burlesque entertainers. Burlesque can be a wonderful visual that manages to be exciting and elegant and appeals to all, even Great Uncle Fred! At the end of the evening, pyrotechnics or fire shows are a wonderful way for you to leave the scene and provide your guests with another unforgettable visual.


Use your imagination


Slightly more unusual entertainment ideas include photo booths. These can be hired for the day or evening and are a great way to have photos of your guests without doing the work. It also gives them a chance to have a little fun. If you are having kids to the wedding (or even if you’re not), outdoor fun such as garden games and bouncy castles always go down a storm. Obviously these are only recommended for summer weddings. Other unusual evening entertainment includes a casino where guests can imagine they are celebrating in Vegas style.


Get the guests talking


The point after the meal and speeches but before the music and dancing is often a bit of a lull. A good option for this part of the day is a quiz. Tables can play against each other and questions can either be trivia or perhaps about yourself and the groom. Quizzes are an excellent icebreaker for guests who don’t know each other.


For those who want to do something really different and move away from the norm, instead of speeches, let the guests entertain themselves. After the wedding breakfast guests can partake in an open mic night for an hour or so. It could be a funny anecdote about the groom or bride, a short comedy sketch or a song written especially for you both. Be sure to let the guests know well in advance, so those who fancy it have time to prepare.


Other unusual entertainment ideas include hiring a famous look-alike, a psychic, a magician or even a balloon modeller… the world is your oyster. We all remember the most fun weddings. The best ones were the ones where the couple decided they didn’t have to conform, but they could play it their way.


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