Smart Start with Susan Southerland: Wedding Stationery (It isn’t all about the invitations)


When couples think of wedding stationery, they usually think of their invitations. The fact is, though, that there are many more stationery elements at most weddings than just the invites. Carrying through an overarching stationery theme is a great way to tie everything together.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to have all of your stationery match, that’s okay! Pick and choose the elements that are most important to you. You can always bypass the place cards and table identifiers by having open seating, for example.

Here are the main ways in which you can bring out your stationery theme at your wedding:

1. Save the Dates.
The first impression your guests will receive for your wedding is the Save the Date. Be sure this reflects the overall feel you want for your event. Consider using a simplified version of your invitation style that incorporates one of your engagement pictures.

2. Ceremony Programs. While it might be tempting to print out programs on your home computer, check with your stationer about possible discounts for them to design and print programs for you. A heavier weight program makes for a nice keepsake, and is less likely to blow way at an outdoor wedding.

3. Place Cards. One fun way to show your creativity and continue your stationery theme is to have stylized place cards. If you have a butterfly on your invitations, for example, consider using a place card crafted in the shape of a butterfly that perches on the edge of your guest’s wine glass.

4. Table Names/Numbers. stationery2Many couples enjoy coming up with table names that have meaning to them. They might name them after cities they’ve visited together, favorite movies or bands, or anything else they consider significant. No matter the theme, crafting the table names in the style of your other stationery will really help bring the reception room together.

5. Menus. menu1If you’re having a plated meal, think about providing a menu printed in your stationery’s theme for each guest. Some venues will even print the menus for you to match your stationery, so be sure to see if this is an option.

6. Favors. Even the simplest wedding favors can add a personalized touch with an accent that coordinates with your stationery theme. Many stationers offer monogrammed tags or stickers for couples to use when crafting their favors.

7. GOBO. A GOBO is a monogram placed over a spotlight. Couples might have this shining on the dance floor and/or on a wall behind the head table. This is a lovely way to further incorporate your wedding’s stationery design.

8. Thank You Notes. Your first impression comes with your Save the Dates, and your lasting impression will come with your thank you cards. Purchasing thank you cards that coordinate with your wedding invitations shows attention-to-detail, and helps round out the event that is your wedding day.
What ways have you thought of to enhance the look of your wedding through your stationery? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below.


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