The Games, the Prizes, the Vendors: An Engaged Bride’s Favorites from the Here Come the Brides Show

Courtesy of Ashley’s Bride Guide

Thursday, February 19, 2015

From amazing, enthusiastic vendors to giveaways and goodie bags, I had the time of my life at the Here Come the Brides Show.  As a newly engaged bride, I headed to the show with my bridal party in Franklin, Tennessee. This was their first ever bridal show together and it was one for the books.  Winning a photo booth from F.A.D.D.’s Entertainment, tasting every rich treat from Frothy Monkey to Connie Cakes this bride was overjoyed at the vendor options and the show’s giveaways. The best part was the stylish fashion show and the hilarious giveaway segment where selected audience members danced, kissed, and played some trivia to compete for fabulous prizes. An entertaining, memorable, and fun show. Read more…



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