13 Unexpected Wedding Trends for 2016


1. Go GoPro

Think outside the whiskey bottle and GoPro bouquet that made the rounds last year on YouTube. A GoPro can be used to film incredible unique moments from your wedding.

The newest models feature a burst mode, so you can create a time lapse of your processional or the setup of your wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding, the GoPro can be a great way to include those excursion trips. Or take one on your honeymoon and include it in your wedding video. You can rent GoPros so you don’t even have to lay out all the money.
2. Dance Up the Aisle

It’s been a few years since the JK Wedding entrance and couples are coming up with new ways to enter their own ceremony. I love the entrance from our couple at :12 in the video because they entered their own wedding together as a unique first dance!

3. Dance Down the Aisle

Or celebrate your first dance as a couple just moments after that first kiss. Here is possibly my favorite post-kiss moment caught on video… check out the high five and boogie in my buddy Damany’s recessional at the :30 mark of this video…



Article Courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.com


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