And their off!!


horse racing banner

Fully Self Contained video horse racing, which can last between 2-3 hours and typically features 6 to 8 races.  We have up to 16 races available for longer events.

Race Nights can be an excellent ice breaker or team building activity, especially if your guests are placed in teams or bet by tables, which involves communicating with your team members to pick your horses. Alternatively, guest can bet individually.The Digital horse racing can take place during or after dinner or as part of an existing casino event.

Our professional MC, will host the event, and depending upon the size of the audience, can be assisted by cashiers. Our staff will process your bets, work out the odds and of course payout to the lucky winners in fun money or chips.

Our corporate digital horse race night comes full, self contained with video screens or LCD monitors, sound system, all the vouchers, branded race cards, all the fun money required to make it a great evening’s entertainment and some horse racing theme decoration too!


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